Is the LDS Church Ready For An All-Male, Probably White Primary Presidency?

Artists’ visualization of an all-male Primary presidency

As a church we’ve come a long way in the last nearly two centuries. Some of these changes are huge and significant (abandoning polygamysort of–and revoking priesthood bans). Other changes are more subtle (women praying in General Conference and lowering missionary ages). Change always comes. The question is, are we ready for it?

More specifically, are we ready for an all-male, probably white Primary presidency?

It’s hard to imagine, three men directing a local Primary. Sure, men could probably have a lot of fun with children, with piggy back rides, tea parties, and trips to the zoo, but since men have no clue how to teach or nurture children, it could initially be a rough go. Luckily, there are manuals to help them, and a good thing, too; otherwise their complex and erudite knowledge of church doctrine would go way over the children’s heads.

Still, it only seems like a matter of time until a Primary presidency consisting of all very likely Caucasian men (including, even, the secretary) will be called by some well-meaning bishop somewhere in a more or less affluent area of the western or possibly northeastern United States. Males have made major inroads in leadership from nearly the very beginning of the Church, from deacon’s quorums, to bishops, to seventies, to even, at times, the Presidency of the Church itself. It seems like only a matter of time until they break the supervisory pre-pubescent glass ceiling of primary leadership. True, as holders of the priesthood they can technically be called to any calling whatsoever, but this seems like an ecclesiastical and cultural hurdle they are destined to overcome at some point.

Who knows? Maybe this will eventually pave the way for all-male, almost certainly all-white Young Women’s and Relief Society presidencies. A man can certainly dream!