7 Essential Anthony W. Ivins Quotes

Anthony_W._Ivins2Though it’s only been 81 years since the death of apostle and member of the First Presidency (1925-1934) Anthony W. Ivins, much of what he taught has sadly not been heard from the pulpit or appeared in Church magazines in a very long time. That’s just a shame, so here are 7 essential Anthony W. Ivins quotes. 

1. “We know that the Hill Ramah and the Hill Cumorah are one and the same hill. However, identification of the River Sidon with the River of Laman must await further revelation from the Lord.” (Conference Report, April, 1926).

2. “We have little evidence of existence of other beings in the universe. Yet it is my faith that other children of our Father live on other planets. And these beings are much taller than us, by 3 or 4 feet at least. And the much stronger force of gravity on these planets make them impossibly strong. And when the Savior visited them long ago, he told them how impressed he was with their physical prowess. This is my testimony.” (Conference Report, April 1911).

3. “There are some who say that eternal progression most broadly means progressing or advancing from one stage or form of life to another, forever, without end. That is exactly what it means.” (Conference Report, October 1919).

4. “Brethren, you must watch yourselves at all times. The devil never sleeps and is constantly seeking your undoing. Quietly yet assertively he whispers, “This giggle water is the bees knees. You can’t get zozzled with just one Jorum of skee.” Or, “That Sheba is a real Oliver Twist, isn’t she? Just one dance won’t hurt.” Or, “That one’s a real bearcat and no cancelled stamp. The fellas say she’s no icy mitt.” Phonus balonus! Nothing is Jake in the devil’s kingdom. Don’t take any wooden nickels, brethren. You are men of courage and valor, more hard boiled than the average fish.” (Conference Report, October 1921).

5. “There are mothers, but then there are angel mothers. But even beyond that there are archangel mothers, the highest, holiest mothers of all. Archangel mothers are rare and precious. Where mothers cook a hearty meal for their children, angel mothers do so using only the best ingredients and superb culinary skills. Archangel mothers, though, can spontaneously generate the perfect meal out of the very elements of the earth. Mothers will sacrifice their time and energy for their children. Angel mothers will give up all sense of self completely for their little ones, even unto their very lives. But Archangel mothers will demand–and receive–the Keys of Death and Salvation from God Himself and their children will never know discomfort, illness, or death. Sisters, ask yourself–‘What kind of mother am I?’ ” (Conference Report, April 1932).

6. “When you pray, do not use vain repetition. But remember, not all repetition is vain. The Lord cannot hear enough how wonderful are his works and mighty is his power. Because they are and it is. That is not vanity. Those are just facts.” (Conference Report, October 1927).

7. “Though the world has been shaken by the tragic economic events of 2 years ago, remember that gratitude is the greatest commodity of all. And gratitude for gratitude is therefore the highest virtue. Nevertheless, the truly grateful do not stop there. No, those who have gratitude for gratitude aspire to have gratitude for gratitude for gratitude, ad infinitum. The truly grateful–and, therefore, the truly righteous–are gratuitous in their gratitude and grateful in their gratuitousness, until in their infinite gratefulness they cease to be grateful for anything and become that for which gratitude itself is grateful.” (Conference Report, October 1931).