8 Tips For Making Your Trek Experience Super Spiritual

Everyone knows that Trek is a defining experience in the lives of our Youth (and their leaders)! But have you ever thought: as spiritual as Trek is, it could and should be a whole lot more spiritual? So have we! Just follow these 8 tips for making your stake’s Trek the most spiritual event the Youth will ever experience in their lives.

1. Using a sheephook, casually reach back behind the cart the kids are pulling uphill and give it a little nudge. Trust us on this, the results will be electrifying. 

2. At strategic locations, have tables overflowing with delicious food and water, just out of reach. Tell the youth that pioneers didn’t have access to this kind of alimentary bling, and neither will they.

3. On the first night, have a group of armed men with painted faces attack the camp, firing weapons. Have them beat up the boys, and drag the girls into the woods. Mark a handful of the boys “dead;” sadly, they won’t be continuing on the journey. This never really happened on the trek west, but it sounds about right for the time period. The kids will never forget it.

4. On the Women’s Pull, have the boys dress in pioneer drag and pull a few carts themselves, so they can understand what it was like to be a woman on the trail. 

5. If there are any pregnant young women in the group, try to induce labor no later than the third night, particularly if it is raining and the carts are mired in mud.  If no pregnant young woman can be found, make sure a pregnant Young Women’s leader is present instead. The Youth should take charge of the delivery for an incredibly spiritual experience. 

6. Burying baby dolls along the trail can be a profound reminder of the difficulty of the journey, but you’d be surprised how devastated the Youth will be when they have to bury the real bodies of dead puppies and kittens.  

7. Just like in the times of the pioneers, the first family across the finish line is the winner, i.e., the Most Righteous. Encourage each participant to do his or her best to win Trek, by any means necessary. Also, present awards to First, Second and Third place. We suggest framed copies of the Proclamation on the Family; nearly all copies are signed by the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve themselves!

8. For historical accuracy, have around a quarter of the boys who’ve been chosen to be “fathers” of families each choose between 5 and 7 of the girls for their wives. 


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