If Matt Walsh or Bill Maher Wrote Mormon Blogs

Matt Walsh

Bill Maher

If Matt Walsh or Bill Maher Wrote Mormon Blogs

“Dear Liberal Mormons: You Don’t Actually Exist, And You Matter Even Less”

“The Way TBM’s Talk about General Conference Doesn’t Sound Like a Cult At All”

“Sisters, Quit Talking about Your Freedom to Dress Like You Want As If My Salvation Isn’t at Stake”

“Just Because You Shear the Wool Off a Sheep Doesn’t Mean It Stops Being a Sheep”

“#WearPantstoChurch Proves that Mormon ‘Feminism’ is a Satanic Death Cult”

“My Favorite Part of the Proclamation on the Family Is the Scripture Bibliography at the End”

“Attention Intellectuals: Reading Foucault and Quoting Nibley Won’t Give You a Testimony, Not That You Care”

“War, Poverty, and Injustice Are Everywhere, But Let’s Keep Talking about Whether Skimpy Swimsuits Are Porn”

“Sorry, Dieter F. Uchtdorf Isn’t Your Generation’s Hugh B. Brown. Even Hugh B. Brown Wasn’t Really Hugh B. Brown”

“Sure, It Seems Like Conservative Church Members Worship Their Leaders. Let’s See, What Else Should We Talk About.”