About Mormentum

What is Mormentum?

Mormentum is the premier online social experience for Mormons, those who are not Mormon but are interested in/weirdly drawn to but definitely with reservations/want to convert to Mormonism, and those that simply share everything regardless of content. If you’re really into wanting to share amazing, instantly viral content about Mormons and Mormonism, you’ll want to share absolutely everything Mormentum publishes.

What is the purpose of Mormentum?

Very little of what Mormons share has virality. Or is viralable. Or comes in a ready state of viralness. You know what we mean. Mormentum seeks to single-handedly change that, by becoming the only legitimate website that generates content about all things Mormon that you want to share without being embarrassed in front of your friends or being accused of living in a cult.

Who reads Mormentum?

We think the better question is, “Who doesn’t read Mormentum?” And the current answer is, “Only people uninterested in sharing and talking about indescribably amazing Mormon viral content.” (Which technically is a lot of people, but this is a problem Mormentum exists as a solution for).

Where does Mormentum get its content?

Mormentum is a vast collective of Mormon graduate students and newly graduated Phds and law students who couldn’t find (or in a profound moment of hopeless recognition realized they would never find) a job in their chosen fields. These creative yet staggeringly unskilled young people spend countless hours on Facebook and other social media, and when they become bored they produce the articles, quizzes, blogs, and lists that appear on Mormentum.

Can I submit content to Mormentum?

Unfortunately, not at this time. In a mystical, mysterious way we’ve stopped trying to understand, Mormentum chose its writers, not the other way around. Sadly, you were not one of them.

Where can Mormentum content ideally be shared?

Mormentum can and should be shared with men, women, children (16 and over), believers, non-believers, orthodox, heterodox, Baby Boomers, Millenials, the passive aggressive, and the straightforwardly confrontational. Virtually every accountable human being can fit into some kind of arbitrary category that can be benefited by Mormentum-generated content. Share until you can share no more! And then keep sharing anyway.